Human Adaptability

When nature dictates, say, soccer is the way for humanity to adapt and evolve. Why then, do we continue to play basketball instead?

Don’t Fool Nature

Sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron

like scoring 100 hoops is not the goal of soccer

The pretense of sustainability poisons renewal

like selling soccer tickets to a basketball game

Healthcare is not wellness

The tallest basketball player will not do well in soccer

Legislation is not governance

like a referee does not define soccer gameplay

Wealth is not merit

like being good at basketball means nothing in soccer

A pluralism of absolutisms is not relativity

like playing soccer with a basketball is not soccer

Stop Fooling Humanity

Our systems are not systems

and it shows, nothing really works

Broken Systems

Endless growth is unsustainable

while the strength of renewal is paramount

Forgone conclusions

from outdated normalizations of truth

Manmade make-believe debunked

Honor Discovery

We must establish a human theory

to prolong human existence

Live nature’s truth

to improve the vector of human expansion

Play nature’s game

to improve renewable human excellence

From unsustainable to renewable
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