Why Are VCs So Negative?

The curse of subprime risk bites back at venture capitalists as natural selection.

Because venture capital has turned predominantly subprime, by its uniform micro-private-equity risk profile deployed to detect non-uniform outliers of innovation, an incompatible risk-in risk-out profile is guaranteed to yield poor outcomes.

Hence, by deploying deflated and delayed subprime risk, the chances of producing prime venture-style returns have significantly diminished. A subprime risk profile can, by principle, only attract subprime innovation. And wearing the ugly spectacles of subprime, VCs get grumpy from the mind-numbing work of weeding through the fog of subprime deals in an ill-fated attempt to find the improbable diamond in the rough of prime.

Using the wisdom of Albert Einstein, The risk profile determines what can be discovered.

Only prime risk can successfully pursue prime innovation that produces renewable socioeconomic value. Many venture capitalists now have painfully come to find out that a mere business degree with buckets of money does not make one a better venture capital investor than a person right off the street who has lived a life of prime risk.

Let’s refer to this debacle as the inevitable natural selection of investors by risk atrophy. They were warned by me a long time ago.

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