From Unsustainable Today To Renewable Tomorrow

Today's human constructs are incompatible with nature. Here is how they must change.

As an avid reader of my blog, you must by now realize sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron—a grandiose evolutionary lie.


As described by Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman, nature’s entropy is the irreversible decline of available energy in our universe and on our planet. Only dumb and evolutionary ignorant human beings can insinuate sustained growth against the decline of resources available to humanity.

Sustainability Make Believe

Edward Abbey described this phenomenon of human intellectual illiteracy best:

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.

Edward Abbey (1927-1989), Environmentalist

Let our mindless pursuit of sustainability not reveal we support the ideology of a cancer cell.

Renewal Is Our Jam

The universe, despite the decline of available energy, revolves around the principles of renewal. Those principles are diametrically opposite to the pretense of sustainability. The reason why the pursuit of any form of sustainability accelerates our demise as a species does not improve human excellence.

I teach the first-principles of nature in my masterclass but need to emphasize those principles alone will not save humanity from itself. In that masterclass, I also explain in detail how we redesign the hierarchy of policies to steer, communicate, and optimize the performance of human renewal. In essence, we must develop the system of our systems.

Let me show you how and contrast that with what we have today.

Today Is Unsustainable

The structure we have today promotes the importance of finance as a measure of human success. We communicate that with junk leaderboard positions of GDP and the like conjured up by economists.

Today: Finance

More impactful than government, finance instantly expands the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity, called production, in any way it deems desirable. Production becoming a function of human wants, not human needs.

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Today: Production

As a result of the populism from selling human wants, we spawn oligarchies, that in their stubborn denial of evolutionary change, stay fixated on the downstream optimization of existing success rather than the upstream renewal of future success.

Today: Oligarchy

As a result, the increasingly disparate vectors of wants and needs create friction and injustice that need to be controlled with reams of post-mortem regulations, bandaging the many wounds from running down the wrong rabbit holes.

Today: Regulation

We then artificially restrict freedom to maintain the well-protected status quo and soften the impact from the most egregious and opaque offenses. New offshoots of subversion get created, and the cycle of a selfish vile-maxim ignorant to the long of humanity continues downstream.

Today: “Freedom”

With nature issuing some severe warnings of how little we matter to our planet’s evolution, we then “come to our senses” and dream up what our dependence on the environment should look like and invent more than one hundred versions of sustainability while nature listens to none.

Today: Environment

This, my friends, in a nutshell, is the human idiocracy we have let snowball and popularized over the last two hundred years, with the world adopting this madness like they do our sugar waters.

We should not blame capitalism that we are so messed up. Capitalism is an inanimate object, anyway, incapable of making decisions. It is the fault of humanity to accept and keep intact a hierarchy of interdependencies that becomes a rebel without an evolutionary cause.

We should not expect better behavior from a hierarchy of failure.

Tomorrow Is Renewable

For humanity to live as long as possible, we must subjugate to the principles of nature. We must implement a hierarchy to serve and abide by the rule of nature. For nature controls us, we do not control nature.

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Tomorrow: Evolution

We must change our focus from solipsistic care for an environment we cannot control to improving our evolution. And once humanity operates in accordance with evolution, we are more in tune with the dynamic equilibrium of our environment upon which we depend.

Tomorrow: Policy

From nature’s first principles, we then construct the theory of the policy of policy required to enforce nature’s first-principles.

For the first time, we build real systems with an embedded theory compatible with nature that converts a selection of input into the desired output. Clear policy preempts and dramatically reduces the need for excessive regulation.

Tomorrow: Rulebook

Once the gameplay of policy is defined, we deploy, communicate, and enforce a rulebook that applies to every participant and make that rulebook available to outside observers to achieve transparency and invite whistleblowing.

We apply freedom’s paradoxical rules without which freedom for all cannot exist. We cut out and prevent the runaway disasters from laissez-faire freedom that diverges human wants from human needs.

Tomorrow: Meritocracy

Since the desired outcome of systems can only be achieved by the merit of input, we deploy an evolutionary meritocracy that justifies the merit of every participant in the marketplace.

As a result, every advancement in gameplay we deploy improves human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Stifling oligarchies dissolve when the merit of every participant is constantly weighed against the changing dynamics of the evolving marketplace.

Tomorrow: Finance

Following evolutionary objectives, we then deploy finance only to create companies that demonstrably improve human adaptability to nature’s entropy by taxing them nothing.

We tax companies heavily that do not, commensurate with the damage they do to society. We make finance serve our desired policy, and not allow policy to succumb to finance.

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The out-of-wack proportion of finance eleven times the size of production will rebalance to favor production that aids humanity in which we can all participate. The expansion of human ingenuity this time around is defined by the principles of nature designed to improve human excellence.

Humanity expands in accordance with nature’s laws.


The process of change may appear daunting and all-encompassing, but it is not. All it takes is for government to realize they are responsible for the long of human evolution.

And when the National Basketball Association (NBA) decides the theory and rules of the game of basketball need to change to make the game more attractive to watch, it will not ask every player in the NBA for their approval.

Neither should a government that realizes how the excellence of humanity can only be improved by the adherence to nature’s principles as outlined above.


Governments worldwide must step up their game, stop manipulating failing marketplace outcomes, and simply identify and maintain the human gameplay they wish to see. We must and can reinvent ourselves to build renewable societies that abide by the rule of nature.

I welcome you to my masterclass, where I first explain the first-principles of nature and then provide a detailed transition of policy, capital, and innovation practices to improve the future for us all.

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