Sustainability Versus Renewal

Sustainability is for fools. Renewal is for realists.

Again, I was delighted to hear how a reader changed the phrase sustainability to renewal based on my articles. Anybody who uses sustainability is an evolutionary ignoramus, causing the chasm between humanity and nature to widen instead of narrow.

Mind you, financial programs like ESG, Responsible Investing, and many other flavors of manmade convulsions of solipsism use sustainability as their lynchpin.

Edward Abbey’s quote should wake people up to never use sustainability again:

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.

Edward Abbey, Environmentalist (1927-1989)

In case that is not enough, I’ll add this simplification:

Sustainability is the mantra of fools who believe they will live forever. Renewal is for people who understand evolutionary reality. 

Sustainability is a flat-world interpretation of the round-world expansion of human capacity and ingenuity. Sustainability is the ultimate in human solipsism, inferring humanity dictates the evolution of humanity.

Sustainability blatantly violates nature’s first-principles, causing an accelerated anthropogenic cascade.

We cannot build a better society without people in power comprehending the first-princicples of nature upon which humanity depends. Catch anyone who uses the phrase sustainability and send them here to be schooled.

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