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I like billionaire Ray Dalio, Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates, but he is dead wrong about what the future of humanity could and should look like.

Given the subject of my writing on how to reinvent the operating-systems for Humanity, I frequently get asked to give my opinion about Ray Dalio’s Changing World Order narration, which he made available online.

One wrote to me saying they are prepared to “pay good money” to see a proper debate between us. Here is the clarification of my gambit.

Normalization Of Truth

I would enjoy a conversation with Ray, but not in public. I would embarrass him, as our conversation would quickly evolve into what I envision a conversation between BMW and Tesla would be like.

The design of a combustion engine has very little in common with creating an electric motor. If you do not start with the same normalization of truth, conveying a new reality to someone married to the old is like administering medicine to the dead.

Here are the colossal mistakes Ray makes:

A future that breaks the norm cannot be derived from an extrapolation of the past.

Downstream sub-optimization does not lead to upstream reinvention, as you can read in the Evolution of Evolution.

We all know this as entrepreneurs; the past is a terrible prognosticator of a future that breaks the norm. A new normalization of truth does not come from looking in the rearview mirror but from a better understanding of what is ahead. It comes from realizing what should happen rather than what does.

From discovering new normalizations of nature’s truth, imagination eats the hindsight of human solipsism we revere as knowledge.

Ray’s principles are his, not nature’s, and thus are evolutionary irrelevant.

Ray is a financier who fails to understand the laws of nature, not money, dictate the excellence of the human species.

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His views are solipsistic and designed to regurgitate growth for the sake of growth paradigm we have deployed for centuries that mimics the ideology of a cancer cell. None of Ray’s principles are aligned with nature and thus are, by definition, irrelevant to improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

The role of money should be, but is not today, to convey trust in products and services rendered to improve the lifespan of the human species. The house of cards Ray builds his theory on, akin to that of economics, has already crumbled.

Ray derives his theory from the cyclical spiral of mankind’s ignorance of nature.

What Humanity has done is not what it should do. The excellence of the human species is not determined by mankind but by the rules of nature. It is easy to predict the continued spiral of human ignorance of nature and then project how a continuation of the past will produce a future of even more disarray.

Without a human theory abiding by nature’s first-principles the future of Humanity looks bleak. But that does not mean Humanity cannot change.


Ray regurgitates and expounds on the confounding of consequence and cause omnipresent in the laissez-faire constructs humanity has allowed to fester and let balloon out of control. In the words of Nietzsche (1844-1900), a situation that has led to grave depravity of reason.

Until we implement a human theory aligned with nature’s first-principles, embedded in natural systems, and enforced by paradoxical rules, the future of Humanity, regardless of sovereignty, will be regressive. Perhaps as regressive as Ray predicts.

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I like Ray. Because his heart is in the right place and he tells a good story. But he is dead wrong about what the future of Humanity could and should look like.

A fundamentally brighter future for Humanity is in the hands of change. For the first time in human history, this kind of change aligns the method of Humanity with the method of nature.

I invite you and Ray to the School Of Nature.

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