Apple Broke My Home

Apple should be ashamed of itself. So am I, buying into their ever-convoluting experiments sold as exemplary technology.

The latest iOS 16 update broke all of my home automation. I no longer have access to my Nest, security cameras, and audio and video systems from afar through the home application on any of my devices. I also cannot add new home automation in another home I am rigging up.

Take this in for a minute. Here is the world’s largest technology company, portraying the integrity of someday running artificial intelligence to save humanity from itself. And it cannot even manage an update process, so its primary technology still works.

Let me repeat it: technology companies cannot be trusted. Next up, imagine technology companies running AI: Apple broke my brain.

I am not the only one; this is not an isolated incident. The forums are full of it. Apple fucked up big time with this one, losing a big chunk of its reputation to be the provider of all things good for humanity.

Apple should be ashamed of itself. So am I, buying into their ever-convoluting crap. I miss Steve Jobs, who would have heads rolled over this one. Apple is in dire need of some adult supervision.

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