Why Technology Must Become Science

Technology must be held to the stringent criteria of science if we want it to serve humanity's renewable strengthening.

Today’s technology gets away with what science cannot. Why do we allow technology to make endless promises it does not need to prove, and worse, never seems to materialize?

Extraordinary Claims

Why did we assume social media would improve humanity? Why did we believe a monoculture fed by advertising is good for the world? The groupthink promulgated on social media is the antithesis of spawning outliers capable of improving humanity. Social media is the troff of greater-fools. Relied upon by people incapable of thinking for themselves.

Why did we believe a currency of make-believe, called crypto, would improve the trust in the merit of money? Why did we believe asset-less valuations convert to renewable asset value for humanity? A vibrant economy, as a cause, determines the value of a currency as a consequence. By the asymmetry of cause and consequence, not the other way around.

Why do we believe in the value of artificial intelligence turning robots into man and man into robots? Why do we believe the regurgitation of hindsight, derived mainly from data from the press, would extrapolate to foresight that breaks the norm? A better future for humanity will not come from data but from the unprecedented discoveries of new normalizations of truth. A foresight that robots cannot produce.

Creative Destruction

In the practice of science, a thorough review of the suppositions of the theory by peers and proof is required to accept and adopt the theory as a beacon of truth. In the practice of technology, we do not need evidence of the extraordinary claims of human advancement. And that is why technology deployment is not science. It mimics the dangerous attributes of religion.

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Why do so many governments embrace technology, you would ask? Like technology, governments lack a theory. We have not deployed a theory for humanity. Without it, we are all just walking around making shit up. We foolishly think the amalgam of human wants magically coincides with human needs as defined by nature.

Technology makes money and produces jobs, so governments support it. Never mind technology violates nature’s first-principles and erodes our evolutionary viability. I suggest you digest The Rodents in America’s Viscera, accounting for the bulging underbelly of America’s excellence amidst the love affair with technology.

Governments must first establish a theory for humanity that establishes the kind of gameplay we wish to see played. A gameplay adopting nature’s first-principles that improves human needs as defined by nature. Without such a theory, every person walking on this planet does whatever it needs to do to: 1/ survive, 2/ flourish, 3/ trample others.

Mice At Play

In the meantime, laissez-faire governments are getting bogged down by instituting mindless regulations of human gameplay left undefined. Like putting twenty-two people on a field who have never played nor understood soccer gameplay. Our so-called leaders obviously have never established a business that thrives on adherence to a mission and a well-developed business plan.

Technologists take advantage of the responsibilities of governments that have yet to be fulfilled. Technologists, looking to get rich quickly, deploy incompatible monisms of absolutism for a world encircled by a plurality of relativity. And you wonder why their promises of serving the greater good never pan out. Their unproven fabrications dumb humanity down rather than expand the fractal of human ingenuity.

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Better Future

With only a few exceptions, technology has become a religion of the future, supported by a pageantry of false-positivity. It makes extraordinary claims without producing extraordinary evidence, leading to the sleep of reason stalling human adaptability to nature’s entropy.

Technology must be held to the stringent criteria of science if we want it to serve humanity’s renewable strengthening.

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